We build consciousness with finest new information, facts, analysis and opinion impacting the life of people and endow to broaden business platforms through quality information. And to bring people together.


JAMAA INFOTECH is a digital media startup company that aims to provide the finest new information and being a conduit to our clients through the services offered by its business divisions.


VNS is a news, analysis of data and facts, opinion, and knowledge-driven platform which produces digital informative content to aware the people of Shahdol at large. It is sharply focussing only on local news which has a direct impact on the life of the audience. It’s a small start-up venturing to make a difference in society by providing the finest news. ​


VI is a division which produces digital content on business, market, industry and economy-related topic to educate the audience and serve as a matchmaker of small business – in need of capital and the investor – looking for investment opportunities. ​

Our Values​

  • We commit to the highest level of honesty, integrity, and fairness for our audience, clients and sociality at large.​

  • Our ability to admit mistakes, and the courage to persist in adversity to serve our audience and clients.​

  • We touch the life of the people by digital means to make them empowered and vocal.​

Our Vision​

  • To be the go-to platform for local meaningful news for our audience and community.​

  • Being a conduit to our clients by providing them information and knowledge to make growth and expansion possible.​

  • To make people fall in love ​

Our Goals​

  • To promote gathering of local news through its business ventures to keep the local people informed about local issues and news.​

  • To strengthen the business sense of newbies and smoothing the investing in local business by local people. ​

  • Digitalize but humanize the online dating world in a scientific way.​

Our objectives​

  • To support unearthing of new information by the means of survey, research and public feedback and producing digital content for audience.​

  • A combo of educational content, business awareness, and investment facilitation (Small investor investing in small business).​

  • To build as many sustainable connection digitally as possible.​

Contact Us

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